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We harvest the best of our land
to share it with the world

We work hard.

 Courage and commitment help us achieve outstanding results that exceed expectations.

We approach situations with flexibility.

 We adapt to overcome unusual and unexpected moments to continue building the future.

We are responsible for our actions.

 We value being aware of what we do and say, and strive to do the right things well and effectively, while generating value.

We value difference.

We recognize the difference of perspectives and ideas of others as a foundation for building long-term relationships.

We act based on truth and transparency.

 We believe in being coherent between what we believe and what we do.


Our commitment to



Communities and Individuals

We enhance the quality of life for workers, their families, and neighboring communities.


Sustainable producers

 Committed to shared value; we grow hand in hand with our producers, seeking their long-term prosperity.

planeta verde

A Green Planet

We are committed to and invest in sustainable agriculture and activities that optimize natural resources.

Products and services

Unibán in numbers

years of
of the world's banna exports are Unibán
0 %
of the banana export market in Colombia
0 %
Millions of boxes of bananas and plantains exported per year
+ 0
Thousand direct and indirect jobs generated
+ 0 mil

Our certifications


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